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Ron Thigpen wrote on 7/5/01 7:23 pm

>In my experience the much-abused term 'Enterprise', while it is supposed to
>connote certain levels of attainment in the areas of availability, 
>security, etc., more often simply means that it is being marketed to 
>rather than technologists.  

Actually, the one instance where Spectra has been a serious alternative
in the tendering process, the business wanted it, but the technologists
wanted Interwoven.

>The fact that Spectra has made perhaps less of splash in the world of big 
>CMS software perhaps has less to do with it's merits as a software system, 
>more to do with Allaire's typical focus on the developer side of the market.
> The only way the big name CMS systems get on the radar of the consultantcy 
>forces that push them is with large marketing expenditures on campaign with
>a distinct focus on the (typically non-technical) business audience.  

Again, not true. While of course there's an element of "What's in it for 
when you're selling to consultancy partners (as with all partners),
I would imagine that all the large consultancies with an entry into
product evaluation for large clients have things screened by 

And I only say "I imagine" because I haven't worked for Accenture, KPMG
and all but one of the other big ones.


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