[thelist] Fwd: Re: [thechat] Spectra

Ron Thigpen rthigpen at nc.rr.com
Mon May 7 15:37:53 CDT 2001

While perhaps getting a bit too involved in the "marketing dollars vs.
development dollars" argument on spending by toolmakers, my basic point was that
Spectra is a very capable product, providing good value, for appropriate

I would hate for someone not to consider it for a given project because it is
marketed differently.  For projects whose needs might overlap the capabilities
of Spectra and some more upmarket tools, it's very possible that a similarly
capable system, with much lower costs might be developed on Spectra. 

The largest projects are alway much more complex in their requirements for
scalabity, availability, systems integration, etc., but the majority of commerce
and content sites don't fall into this category.  


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