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Ron Thigpen wrote on 7/5/01 9:37 pm

>While perhaps getting a bit too involved in the "marketing dollars vs.
>development dollars" argument on spending by toolmakers, my basic point 
>was that
>Spectra is a very capable product, providing good value, for appropriate
>I would hate for someone not to consider it for a given project because it
>is marketed differently.  For projects whose needs might overlap the 
>of Spectra and some more upmarket tools, it's very possible that a similarly
>capable system, with much lower costs might be developed on Spectra. 
>The largest projects are alway much more complex in their requirements for
>scalabity, availability, systems integration, etc., but the majority of 
>and content sites don't fall into this category.  

I don't disagree. Unfortunately, the kind of clients who want that stuff
don't want to pay 70k for a robust Spectra install (plus the CF licenses,
plus the Oracle licenses plus the Solaris licenses). They might
pay 10k...

It falls between two stools I guess. And that's a marketing issue.


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