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John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Mon May 7 17:01:23 CDT 2001

At 12:43 AM 5/7/1, Martin wrote:
> I *have* worked with contractors whose opinion was "The
> answer's Flash. Now what was the question?" They haven't
> got any repeat work.

Same pattern as "The answer's X"... it's that jumping-to-conclusions which
seems to be the core problem.

Of course, this is just perpetuating the thread, I know.... ;-)

At 12:10 PM 5/7/1, Ben Dyer wrote:
>>you have to do is find more than 10% more visits because of Flash.
>OK, this is definitely Macromedia propoganda.  Macromedia would have you
>believe that every computer on planet earth, including mainframes,
>text-based OSes, television sets, etc. is equipped with Flash.  This simply
>is not the case.  I get this all the time.  Many, many, many people do not
>have Flash.  Macromedia's own numbers have to be skewed. (I alone have
>downloaded Flash probably seven or eight times for the same computer.  This
>is similar to Hotmail's 80m users or whatever they think they're up to.  I
>have about five.)

Now, goldurn it, I know I have corrected this very same overlong paragraph
twenty times on this list myself, dingdangnabit! ;-)

The MediaMetrix consumer audits are done on *viewability*, not on
downloads. Of the representative consumer samples who are asked to view
pages, X% can do so immediately.

The mere fact that Macromedia publishes the NPD results does not invalidate
them! ;-)

Sorry, gotta run it, got work to do....  ;-)


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