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Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Mon May 7 17:33:48 CDT 2001

At 05:03 PM 5/7/2001, you wrote:
>At 12:10 PM 5/7/1, Ben Dyer wrote:
> >>you have to do is find more than 10% more visits because of Flash.
> >
> >OK, this is definitely Macromedia propoganda.  Macromedia would have you
> >believe that every computer on planet earth, including mainframes,
> >text-based OSes, television sets, etc. is equipped with Flash.  This simply
> >is not the case.  I get this all the time.  Many, many, many people do not
> >have Flash.  Macromedia's own numbers have to be skewed. (I alone have
> >downloaded Flash probably seven or eight times for the same computer.  This
> >is similar to Hotmail's 80m users or whatever they think they're up to.  I
> >have about five.)
>Now, goldurn it, I know I have corrected this very same overlong paragraph
>twenty times on this list myself, dingdangnabit! ;-)
>The MediaMetrix consumer audits are done on *viewability*, not on
>downloads. Of the representative consumer samples who are asked to view
>pages, X% can do so immediately.
>The mere fact that Macromedia publishes the NPD results does not invalidate
>them! ;-)

Wait, wait, wait.  There is no way in the world these numbers are 
right.  If 96% of planet Earth has Flash, I'm the King of Denmark.


There is no way in the world Real has only 54% and Quicktime has 38% 
especially since Macromedia indicates that bundling with browsers and OSs 
are one of their keys to market penetration when both Real and QT are also 
bundled with MSIE and NN!!  Logically then, both Real and QuickTime also 
should have 96% (or close to it).

Nuh-uh.  No way in the world.

It's like that SBC commercial where they're making fun of internet company 
commercials: "Soon there will be more people on the internet than there are 
people in the world."


Ben Dyer
Senior Internet Developer
Imaginuity Interactive

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