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sandy2 at ameritech.net sandy2 at ameritech.net
Mon May 7 18:46:08 CDT 2001

(Re-sending from a different account - seems there's a problem...will appear
twice eventually)

Erik, Erik,

(I feel like Mom talking here..........)

Please take all of the following as good natured as it is meant to be:

I looked at your site and checked out all the links (just now, not
yesterday!).  By the way http://thevaz.com/ is a dead link.  Some of the
things you have developed, as well as your site, are kind of cool.

Although 3 of the sites I couldn't view, because they require QuickTime, and
no matter how many times I try, my machine will just not accept QuickTime.
The download errors out with some comment about my configeration (Win98,
13MB Hard Drive 1/2 empty, Gateway, 128 Ram).  End of story.  Can't get it.
I'm not being stubborn and saying I WON'T download it, it just won't!  And I
have no time to explore it further just to view what someone else has
decided I must see.

But the main thing I wanted to point out is that "most" of your sites are
"showcase" type sites.  And I don't mean that in a bad way.  They're the
kind that get emailed around saying "you gotta see this!"  But your main
true "business" site has a Flash front end, followed by straight HTML pages.
Why is that?

My clients are all small to mid size businesses (brick & mortar) - who fight
(or beat me!) for every hit they get, and HOPE that each of those visitors
will buy something.  They LAST thing they would want me to design is
anything that stands in the way of that process.

Go ahead, check out my portfolio, www.iibiz.com/portfolio.html .  My sites
may be less "flashy" or "old style" to you, but they are making money every
single day, without million dollar TV adds to nudge them along.

So as someone stated previously, Flash has it's place, and that's fine, but
to think that people who are truly venturing onto the web in hopes of making
more sales wants to turn away even ONE possible buyer is not being
realistic.  And they may even HAVE Flash, but are annoyed with the
navigation that someone designed that is confusing.  All they gotta do is
hit that back button to the search engine that brought them
there...........there's tons of other people selling the same or similair
stuff who are actually making it EASY for people to buy from them.

You're not 100% wrong, and everybody else isn't 100% right - just relax your
stance a little and accept that there's different tools to reach different
goals.....and when you're trying to help your clients make more money, you
can't disregard even 1% of users.

Excuse the length of this, and have a great evening!


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