[thelist] 11th hour plea: ASP/Access snapshot hell

incommunicado at pobox.com incommunicado at pobox.com
Mon May 7 19:18:58 CDT 2001

I had hoped my first post to the list wouldn't be a desperate plea for help.  Oh well.

Short winded plea:
I have a similar question as:
Help?!  If I can't answer this by tomorrow evening, I'm toast on Wens. morning.
(Ok, I'll be toast anyway, but I don't want my roasting to be warranted.)

Long winded plea:
I'm stuck developing a web based performance evaluation form using ASP(vbscript) with an Access backend.  Once the supervisor and employee enter their comments in, I need to have an Access snapshot dynamically generated and displayed within an ActiveX control.  I proven all the pieces work together finally!  Now all I have to do is add in some more data fields and polish the navigation bits. 

The report I'm generating now prints all employee evaluations in concatenated order.  Instead of each employee seeing only their evaluation, they see *every* employee's evaluation.  This is bad.  When using Access alone, I can use a pop-up window to enter the employee name for a filter.  How the frell do I filter a report dynamically when creating an Access snapshot through ASP? 

(If I knew how to generate this report without a filter, I'd have done it weeks ago.)

I owe tips big time for this.  All I can think of now is how to lose your new boyfriend over city parking ettiquette and how to build an evil IT empire inside a government organization.

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