[thelist] max window content size?

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Mon May 7 22:35:54 CDT 2001

I must have stated my question unclearly ... again, differently:

If I say:

window.open('page.html','newwindow','width=' + screen.availWidth + 
',height=' + screen.availHeight + 

What is the size of the content of newwindow, taking into account:

A task bar positioned on the bottom of the screen
A task bar positioned at the left of the screen
[anything else I might not be thinking of]

And assuming:

the margins of newwin are all 0
there are no scrollbars in new win
the visitor has a screen res of 800x600.
4+ NN or IE browser

And again ... I got these values from the PSD from the webmonkey 
article you mention:

43 = width of task bar on left
6 = right and left window borders in NN
32 = height of title bar in NN
22 = height of status bar in NN
32 = height of a single rowed task bar on bottom

Seems to me:

800 - (43 + (6 * 2)) = 745 pixels
600 - (32  + 22 + 32 ) = 514 pixels

In other words, I could have an image as large as 745x514 and all of 
it would be visible in the window opened by the JS above for someone 
with a screen res of 800x600, no matter where they had their task bar.

Is this correct ... or am I missing something?

PS - the JS above is just to illustrate - that would open a gol darn 
huge window for some people - best to put a cap on how big a window 
can get. I'd have made that a tip, but I already posted that tip at 
some point.

Man, I've been hammering away at this list today ... this is my seven 
score and sixth post to it today.

>um, no, not on my system... my borders are smaller, and at work,
>my fonts are bigger (as are my scrollbars) since i run at
>FWIW, may i plug an article of mine?
>Real-World Browser Size Stats, Part II
>part 1 even shows the code i used to gather the info, in case you
>want to pilfer it...
>also, Webmonkey's got a darn good article on similar things:
>Sizing Up the Browsers
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