[thelist] RE: 11th hour plea: ASP/Access snapshot hell

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Mon May 7 23:22:19 CDT 2001

On May 07 21:31, jschomp at ghnonline.com (John Schomp) wrote:
> Subject: [thelist] RE: 11th hour plea: ASP/Access snapshot hell
> My first post.  Hope I don't bung this up.
> I've run into this situation before.  Hopefully, your report is based on a
> query.  If not, make it so.  Then, using the QueryDef object, edit the SQL
> of the underlying query before opening the report.
> Good Luck,

Thanks, I'll need it.

I've never used a QueryDef object in VBScript before.  Lucky for me, my Access 2000 help doesn't include any entries on QueryDef, much less examples.  I can't make heads or tails of the VB examples in MSDN Visual Studio Library 6a. I can't find any mention of "QueryDef" in my VBScript books. *groan*

Yes, my report is built on a query.  All I need to add is:
"WHERE Cover_EmployeeName="&Session("UserLogin")

1) Is there a simple snippet of code I can add?
2) is the underscore in Cover_EmployeeName going to throw off my ASP page?  Access generated the name.  I'm not sure about hunting back through the report to find all the underscore fields.

If you can point me to any commented code samples, I would greately appreciate it.  Thanks for your help so far.

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