Telecommuting (was Re: [thelist] Currently Freelancer - Becoming Employee?

aardvark roselli at
Mon May 7 23:30:24 CDT 2001

> From: Tamara Abbey <Abbey at>
> Aardvark poses some very interesting questions that given the
> prevalence of e-mail, teleconferencing, etc., I find surprising.

what of it do you find surprising?  no amount of telecommuting can 
account for things like training and judging strengths and 
weaknesses... those require interaction that goes beyond voiceless 
or faceless back-and-forth...  doesn't mean it can't be done, but i 
think it can't be done as effectively...

> I know aardvark's taking a very hard line here to make a point, but
> under what circumstances would some of you consider a telecommuter?

actually, it's not a *very* hard line... those are all questions i've 
asked and seen asked... there are many more, though...

> Under what circumstances would a part-time telecommute/pat-time
> in-house be acceptable?

that's an interesting question, and much different than a full-time 
telecommuter... i just assumed we were talking full-time... part-
time might not be worth it for me, in fact... but i'd have to judge on 
a case by case basis...

> Would you rather never see that person's face?

nope, i'd want to interact with my employees regularly... i've found 
some of the best training i've given is spur-of-the-moment... a client 
has a question, or a project has a problem, and everyone can 
come in and learn from the solution... that's why it's called "on-the-
job" training, methinks...

> Why?

because i said so.

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