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Mark Groen markgroen at telus.net
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I only log the front page.
And therin lies the problem with these surveys, they take a very large
figure and use it to support all sorts of other non-related data. Although I
have a Flash plug in, I rarely use it. When I hit a page that I am
unfamiliar with, I say do not run ActiveX controls, and presto! - no Flash.
On others, I skip the intro, once is usually too much. Some sites are not
accessible without ActiveX controls and Flash, but I am not at this desk to
be entertained; I have a nice big TV, stereo, and Surround Sound for that.

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>RE: Player Penetration - here are logs from the past week for a site that
>detects player version:
>233:  2.78%: May/ 7/01 16:46: /
>215:  0.19%: May/ 7/01 16:46: /detect_3.swf
>206:  0.11%: May/ 7/01 16:46: /detect_4.swf
>206/233 = 88.5% percent of visitors definitely had Flash 4 or greater.
>215/233 = 92% percent of visitors definitely had Flash 3 or greater.

Um can you say "Self-selecting"?

If this is a site which won't really work very well if you don't have
flash then it's hardly surprising.

Simplistic stats are fun, aren't they?


Well, on SurveyMonkey.com, where there is NO flash, I use Superstats.com for
tracking my visitors.  I only log the front page.

Superstats.com reports:

89.7% of visitors support Flash.

Condescending statements are fun, aren't they? :)


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