[thelist] Dropping a view in SQL Server

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Tue May 8 06:58:51 CDT 2001

Don't have much time to research this, but check out the sysobjects table.
You can query it just like a regular table.  for example,

FROM sysobjects

It contains a record for every object defined in the database.  (hopefully)


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From: "Marios Andreas Tofarides" <matofarides at hotmail.com>
Subject: [thelist] Dropping a view in SQL Server

> Hello out there again.
> Thanks for the help on the previous problem.
> Can anyone tell me how can I check whether a view exists, and if it exists
> to drop it. I'm using ASP with SQL Server 7 on a Windows NT Server 4.0.
> Thank you
> Marios

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