[thelist] Jack*ss!!!!

sales at iibiz.com sales at iibiz.com
Tue May 8 10:33:42 CDT 2001

Hey all!

Some of you may remember checking to see if my ass was centered (LOL!) on a
site I was tinkering around with.  See www.iibiz.com/jackass (front page

Well, his old site was awful; images displayed in percentages (yikes!) and
just all around horrible.

After telling me he loved what I had mocked up for him, but contracts not
signed yet, he decided to go with someone else, because "they had already
started working on it for him".  Yeah, well, so had I!

Anyway, save the lectures on free mock-ups and all, but you've GOT to see
his NEW site:


I was so busy laughing I could hardly be ticked off.


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