[thelist] A Question of Religious Import... Kinda. :)

Billy Hutton bhutton at effectnet.com
Tue May 8 11:23:53 CDT 2001

Hi Everyone,

My current company is basically trying to decide, "Linux or Microsoft?"
I've done both, and have a strong background in web development, so I can
switch platforms relatively painlessly.  

Our current web sites were basically prototyped in ASP, then pushed into
development because they worked, and we were short on time.  The sites are
heavy on XML and transaction based events.  We want to re-write these sites,
and before we do that, we are revaluating our server farm.

I'm about to start reviewing all sorts of things, Apache vs. IIS
(maintenance, reliability, cost, etc), ASP vs. PHP (scalability, speed,
functionality, etc.) and on and on.  My current strength is ASP, and I
believe that to go enterprise with ASP we should look at COM and MTS.  Can
Linux even compete with Microsoft when it comes to COM?

Thanks for any insight or references you might be able to provide.  I'm off
to do my own digging now.  :)

- Billy

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