[thelist] Jack*ss!!!!

FayeC fayec at canada.com
Tue May 8 11:57:23 CDT 2001

Hi Sandy,

As Ron said, you are probably better off not working for someone who has no
sense of what a good design is...
I wonder if the problem was "money". He went with the cheapest??
Some people just are too cheap to see the work behind a page...for them the
best "design" (if you can call that horrid thing a design) is the one that
hurts their pockets the less....

Take care :)


sales at iibiz.com wrote:

> Hey all!
> Some of you may remember checking to see if my ass was centered (LOL!) on a
> site I was tinkering around with.  See www.iibiz.com/jackass (front page
> only).
> Well, his old site was awful; images displayed in percentages (yikes!) and
> just all around horrible.
> After telling me he loved what I had mocked up for him, but contracts not
> signed yet, he decided to go with someone else, because "they had already
> started working on it for him".  Yeah, well, so had I!
> Anyway, save the lectures on free mock-ups and all, but you've GOT to see
> his NEW site:
> www.jackassbrand.com
> I was so busy laughing I could hardly be ticked off.
> Sandy
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