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Peter Kaulback pkaulbak at idirect.ca
Tue May 8 13:12:44 CDT 2001

In the wee hour of 11:03 AM 5/8/01 -0700, Beldamar bequeathed such tales as 
>So you are saying that OE will make a .pst file like Outlook?
>I have never heard of this.
>I think what I am looking for here is a directory where all the .dbx files
>are located on Win2K for OE.
>For example Win9x all the files are located in the C:\Windows\Application
>I don't really have the option of exporting the data because the drive is
>now a slave in the same computer. And I am trying to help out over the phone
>long distance. So making the original drive the master again and exporting
>is not really an option.
>Brad Miller
>"Our name says it all"

Brad, I'm on win98, I used to use win2k but that's another story, but just 
do a search for the dbx files on the slave drive and you will find them.  I 
think, though I'm not sure, that they were in the personal settings folder 
or under Administrator.  Any win2k users care to clarify?  If you are using 
Outlook then you have to have OE installed so it will work.
Peter Kaulback

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