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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Tue May 8 13:16:34 CDT 2001

Jamie Bakum wrote on 8/5/01 5:06 pm

>c.  The Lundstrom Architecture site, http://www.lundstromarch.com, done by 
>Juxt Interactive - Love it or hate it, this site won a bunch of awards and 
>created a buzz in the fairly insular world of architects - I read an 
>interview with one of the principals saying that the PR surrounding the site 
>led a bunch of firms to check out the site, look at the work Lundstrom was 
>doing, and invite Lundstrom to partner on projects they never would have 
>been exposed to.

Sadly, that kind of thing went out with the 'dotcom boom'. Now a site has
do way more than coolness to be successful. Actually, 'coolness' is
more often a turnoff as it's been tainted by dotcommery.


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