[thelist] Unlimited Domains & Sub-Domains Hosting.

Jasen James thelist at cbizz.net
Tue May 8 14:44:09 CDT 2001

Try this site.

The offer unlimited domains and sub domains.  The currently don't offer php,
however, near the bottom of their faq page
(http://www.shanje.com/faq.shtml ), they have stated that they will be doing
so in the future. You can contact them and see if the future is tomorrow or
next week :)

Hope this is helpfull

Jasen James

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Hello Everyone,

I heard something called as I.P. - Less Hosting.
I guess there are hosting service providers you allow you to host unlimited
domains & sub-domains  for a web-space of mere 100/500MB & also at very
cheap cost i.e. 25-50$.

I am looking out for such a service but with PHP & MYSQL support.

Anybody who has any info on this, please inform.

Thanking you in advance.

Navin Dhanuka

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