[thelist] re Flash Detection

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Tue May 8 14:52:25 CDT 2001

Jamie Bakum wrote on 8/5/01 7:46 pm

>"Now a site has do way more than coolness to be successful. Actually, 
>'coolness' is more often a turnoff as it's been tainted by dotcommery."
>I'd be the last to argue - but standing out from your competitors through 
>strong design (whether or not you use Flash, and regardless of your opinion 
>on lundstromarch specifically) in such a way that leads to revenue for your 
>company is hardly "coolness" - I'd call it good business -

hm. Studies generally show that ease of use (however delivered) makes
the RoI case. Standing out by being 'cool' doesn't do that. Now design in
the broader sense is very useful of course...

>My only point was that Flash, used correctly, has a place on the web. I've 
>seen nothing on this list to convince me otherwise -

Yes, but 'used correctly' is the key term... and it most certainly doesn't
mean "Where I feel like it, even for core functionality and I'm not going 
to give an alternative"


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