[thelist] .htaccess files on evolt member areas (fwd)

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Tue May 8 15:03:45 CDT 2001

Actually, bob was right on in his analysis of the prob.. A couple other
people that have m.e.o acconts have contact me asking the same thing,
and every time its been cus their FTP client wasn't configured to handle
'hidden' files..

if you can pass manual commands into your FTP client, you could just do
a rm .htaccess yourself and save tech supports time :)


webmaster at menouno.com wrote:

> > You may have to (depending on the ftp program you use) enable
> > viewing "." files.
> I think that something else is producing this. I messed up a website
> some time ago trying to do the same thing.
> I often work with .htaccess files on several websites using WSftp, no
> problem. But one time - on a site running on Apache/1.3.12·(Unix) - I
> got exactly Bob's result: file disappears, website stuck with an
> internal server error. I had to wait for support to get in there and
> kill the *invisible* file. But they couldn't explain the problem,
> they just said that the file was visible on their side.....
> Ideas anyone? Could it be a configuration issue?

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