[thelist] coldfusion and oracle

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Tue May 8 15:49:26 CDT 2001

<cfstoredproc> should do the trick.


<cfstoredproc procedure="sp_myproc" datasource="my_datasource">
  <cfprocparam type="In" cfsqltype="CF_SQL_VARCHAR" dbvarname="@varname1"
value="#val1#" null="No">
  <cfprocparam type="In" cfsqltype="CF_SQL_VARCHAR" dbvarname="@varname2"
value="#val2#" null="No">
  <cfprocresult name="get_results">

Then get_results is just like any other query!  get_results.recordcount,
cfoutput query="get_results", etc.


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From: "sarah" <disaster7 at yahoo.com>
Subject: [thelist] coldfusion and oracle

> I have a huge application written in Java using stored
> procedured in Oracle, and I just sold the idea to use
> ColdFusion instead, and I'd like to know if you can
> use stored procedures with ColdFusion? I imagine you
> just query the db as usual, but I'm confused about how
> the data would be returned? How would this work?

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