[thelist] flash detection

John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Tue May 8 16:19:21 CDT 2001

At 7:47 PM 5/7/1, aardvark wrote:
> if there were a way to disable Flash at home, i'd do that, too...
> hey, jdowdell, is there a way to disable it?  other than not
> installing it?

If you'd prefer not to display SWF, then not installing the Macromedia
Flash Player is indeed an easy way to do that. Some browsers also offer a
Preferences option for not using installed controls or plugins.

At 9:04 PM 5/7/1, deke  wrote:
>Is there a difference between someone living in the Over The Rhine
>neighborhood of Cincinnati and someone living 30 miles from the
>nearest Pepsi machine in rural Montana?  No. They are all "central
>Is there a difference between a single retired homeowner without
>a mortgage, and a taxfree income of $24,500 and someone trying
>to raise five kids by working full time at $12,000/year before taxes?
>No. They are both "under $25K"

You're correct, those distinctions are not attempted in this testing.

At 1:02 AM 5/8/1, Philippe Jadin wrote:
> The only stats worth looking at are the stats from your site...
> Let's imagine there was a flash version of google....

You're right... overall consumer demographics can be a useful indicator,
but what really matters is how well your particular message is received by
your particular audience.

At 7:42 AM 5/8/1, Ben Dyer wrote:
> this survey is probably culled from mostly home machines, of which
> I'm betting (if you follow Moore's law), most had preinstalled on
> the machine.  This now discounts (or at least reduces) work machines,
> library machines, school machines in labs....

You're correct, the quarterly MediaMetrix audits here are explicitly of
consumers on the web, and does not attempt to measure business usage or how
shared machines in libraries are configured.


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