[thelist] Unlimited Domains & Sub-Domains Hosting.

Peter Kaulback pkaulbak at idirect.ca
Tue May 8 17:03:46 CDT 2001

In the wee hour of 01:01 AM 5/9/01 +0530, Navin Dhanuka bequeathed such 
tales as these:
>Hello Everyone,
>I heard something called as I.P. - Less Hosting.
>I guess there are hosting service providers you allow you to host unlimited
>domains & sub-domains  for a web-space of mere 100/500MB & also at very
>cheap cost i.e. 25-50$.
>I am looking out for such a service but with PHP & MYSQL support.
>Anybody who has any info on this, please inform.
>Thanking you in advance.
>Navin Dhanuka

I use OLM http://olm.net/index.htm with their reseller plan at $49.95/mo 
for 500 mb space, 10 gb transfer, secure servers, PHP4, and MySQL plus they 
are very fast and provide excellent support.  They also have a dedicated 
resellers plan http://olmnetworks.com/pages/resellfeatures.html with space 
from 1gb to 12 gb, traffic from 20gb to 95 gb, PHP4 and ASP, plus much more.
Peter Kaulback

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