[thelist] PHP include parsing behaviour

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Tue May 8 17:06:41 CDT 2001

At 4:59 PM -0500 8/5/01, Eduardo Dominguez wrote:
>they do get parsed everytime :(
>solutions ? cache the scripts...

At 2:57 PM -0700 8/5/01, Anthony Baratta wrote:
>Unless you use Zend to optimize the compile, PHP works like ASP and 
>Perl in that each page is compiled when its called. I wouldn't worry 
>about the load unless you have a very heavily loaded server.

I think this one's going into the 'too-hard-this-late-in-the-show' basket.

Thanks for the help -- and speedy too!

Andrew Forsberg

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