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John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Tue May 8 17:36:51 CDT 2001

At 6:09 AM 5/5/1, John Handelaar wrote:
> Basically I'm shamelessly taking advantage of the fact that
> Jon's on thelist here...

oops, sorry for the delay, I only caught this when cleaning the mailbox
today.... :(

> Q: Given that you can stream Quicktime audio into a Shockwave
> movie, can that Quicktime source be a live stream?

I don't see a reason why not, but I'm not up on any possible differences
between how the QuickTIme Streaming Server might handle precompressed
streaming video and compressed-on-demand streaming video. From Director's
point of view it should end up being the same thing, but there may be
something in the preparation of that video that I'm not aware of, sorry.

Here's the overview document on streaming QuickTime in Shockwave, for this
side of the equation:
"Streaming QuickTime 4 Media in Director and Shockwave"

(It doesn't mention any differences with webcasts or other live feeds, but
it would be good to either test this or confirm it via Apple's server-side


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