[thelist] .htaccess files on evolt member areas (fwd)

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Tue May 8 18:11:42 CDT 2001

On 8 May 2001, at 15:02, Daniel J. Cody wrote about 
Re: [thelist] .htaccess files on evolt member are:

> Actually, bob was right on in his analysis of the prob.. A couple
> other people that have m.e.o acconts have contact me asking the same
> thing, and every time its been cus their FTP client wasn't configured
> to handle 'hidden' files..
> if you can pass manual commands into your FTP client, you could just
> do a rm .htaccess yourself and save tech supports time :)

I trust your experience, but still I can't understand why *without 
touching anything in WSftp config* I can normally see .htaccess files
but could not see them on that specific server

And also, why a standard  .htaccess file that on other Unix sites I 
use to block directory listing on that specific site would produce an 
internal server error?



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