[thelist] HTML Tables for layout rather than strictly for dat a presentaion

Denis, David DDenis at inlumen.com
Tue May 8 19:28:02 CDT 2001

> this means i will often do stuff like the above not only 
> because it's the
> fastest way i know how to achieve that effect and i wouldn't 
> know where to
> begin to code the equivalent styles (nor trust them being 
> cross-browser)...
> ... but also because the stuff in that table happens to *be* data

Hi rudy,
I agree with you here, that truly is data.  But the intent is to steer away
from the all too common template where as soon as <body> starts, so does a
table that encompasses the entire viewable area (and however maybe nested
tables within).  I think we're in a very weird time right now that requires
developers to make tough decisions.  Go with a non-standards layout and face
having to redo it within a year (let's hope) or code a fully standards
compliant site and risk sending ugly and/or broken pages to an ever
shrinking audience.


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