[thelist] Customizing HTTP Authorization with Apache

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Tue May 8 23:47:12 CDT 2001

Hi there!

OK, so this is the second question of the day... Sorry:

Is there any way to use Basic HTTP Authorization 
(.htaccess/.htpasswd) to redirect valid users to specific 
directories, depending on the username specified?

So: Jane is authorized, and is bunged into the /home/dev/jane/ 
directory, while Joe is authorized and is redirected to 
/home/dev/joe/ -- but the folder they each attempted to load was 

I didn't find any leads in the Apache docs -- and even 
mod_auth_digest (which isn't really an option, I can't control the 
users' browser of choice, surprise!) didn't seem to offer this sort 
of authorization logic.

I'll need to write a custom script won't I? I don't want to sound 
lazy, it'd just be much neater, in this case, to have it all happen 
in one standard HTTP authorization dialog.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help,
Andrew Forsberg

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