View .htaccess in CuteFTP and 404 page issue with IE (RE: [thelist] .htaccess 404 error doc...)

Andrew Stevens andrew at
Wed May 9 00:34:37 CDT 2001

Here's how to set up CuteFTP 4.2 to display hidden files.

-Go to the site manager and edit the settings for the evolt server.

-Under the "general" tab click on the "Enable Filter" checkbox and then the
"Filter" button.

-Under the "Options" tab check "Enable remote filters" and enter "-a"
(without the quotes) into the "remote filter" text box.

Moniruvwe Orife wrote:
> In IE i get the
> default 404.
> any ideas?
> 	- moni

IE 5 displays its own 404 if the one on the server is smaller than 512
You can read some more about this issue on the follwoing page:

Force IE5 to display your 404 and not its own

Hope this helps,


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