Domain problems? WAS RE: [thelist] PHP/ASP/ColdFusion - Keeping a pplication private...

Steve Cook steve.cook at
Wed May 9 01:20:03 CDT 2001

Seth, you say

> If keeping the application private is a necessity, you may 
> consider hosting it on your server.  You can have their `net 
> guy(s) point a DNS entry to an IP assigned to your app 
> server, and host it as "" or whatever 
> (which opens up a whole new can of worms if you are 
> maintaining session persistence), but it will still have to 
> reside on your server.

What sort of problems can this situation cause? We're about to start doing
just that for several clients but haven't actually launched anything for
them yet. I'm interested to try and handle any problems *before* they crop

We're handling sessions ourselves using a cookie that WE set (rather than
the default ASP session object) plus a session ID on every link to be on the
safe side. I've seen the site work flawlessly on a host of different
browsers with / without cookies.

Any info about problems you've seen crop up with multiple subdomains on a
site would be appreciated.


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