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What needs to be done, is that when the original document is converted to a
.ps file (postscript) the creator needs to specify to embed fonts that are
related to the document.  This is dependent on what and how the program
converts the file to .ps file.

Acrobat has a set of fonts that it uses when viewing PDF documents which
makes it appear as if the font's have been embedded however if you use a
special font, say for example, Vladimir Script, then that particular font
needs to be embedded since it is not one of the fonts used by Acrobat.  Make

Now if the machine you are using happens to have that particular font
installed on the machine, you can embed the font without having to recreate
the PDF document.  Select the "Text" tool from the side bar...then go to the
"Tools -> Touch Up -> Text Attributes" menu.  From there select the text you
wish to changes and you will see in the dialog box whether or not that font
is embedded.  If it is not and you have the font installed on the machine,
you can check the checkbox to embed that font into the PDF document.


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> > Did they embed or subset all fonts? As long as the font they used is
> > resident on their machines it will appear correctly to them. Ask them
> > font they used and see if it is on their machines and not on yours.
> I asked what font it is, but they're gone for the day already.  I knew in
> HTML it was a problem if you don't have the font on your local machine,
> I thought the PDF's avoided that issue.
> So what do they need to do?  Re-create or edit it "embedding" the fonts?
> Sandy

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