[thelist] re Flash Detection

Jamie Bakum jabakum at hotmail.com
Wed May 9 09:16:19 CDT 2001

aardvark wrote:

>>"Sure, it's the exception, not the rule, but isn't that a textbook example 
>>of what the web is supposed to do?"

oh, is *that* what the web is supposed to do?

you don't know how much of a cliche you stepped into... there's a whole 
'nother thread there waiting to get out...<<

Heh heh - how true! - I suppose from 9-5  the web is "supposed" to do what 
I'm paid to make it do - the rest of the time it's "supposed" to provide me 
with dirty pictures....(kidding)

This warrants a tip, I suppose:

<tip type="Productivity" author="Jamie Bakum">

If you're looking to upgrade to a larger monitor (and have some desk space 
to spare) consider going to a two-monitor setup. This was always easy to do 
with a Mac and has gotten easier on a PC with more recent versions of 
Windows. Two 17" monitors give you more overall viewing area and cost less 
than a single 21" (and many 19") monitors. Working on one screen with my 
tool palettes open on the other has made my life considerably easier.

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