[thelist] Accessing my m.e.o section

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed May 9 09:56:14 CDT 2001

I'll put this out there so the archive gets it in case anyone else wants
it in the future.. If you need more chris, just lemme know :)
Hi -

The members.evolt.org account you signed up for is now registered and
active for your use. A couple notes about using your new account:

PHP and Cold Fusion are enabled by default for each user. Even if you
didn't sign up for them specifically. The extension to use for Cold
Fusion is .cfm and for PHP its .php As more application servers get
added, I'll relay on any new information.

Your members.evolt.org website can be currently accessed through FTP
only. I know SSH was an option, its just still in the works for obvious
security reasons. When SSH is ready to go, I'll let you know. You can
use the hostname 'members.evolt.org' to connect via FTP. Your username
and password are those which you signed up with, and they're listed
below for reference. The URL you use to reference your account is

Your absolute path is /home/YOURUSERNAME/ - Everything *is*
case-sesitive as well.

The public_html folder inside your home directory is your HTML root
directory. All web files should go here. .htaccess files are permitted,
and Apache is configured to be pretty lenient on what you can
use(Includes, Indexs, etc) Of course, your own .htaccess file will
override any default setting.

For those of you that signed up for a MySQL datasource, please take note
of a couple things. The username/password for your datasource is the
same as for FTP access. You can only connect from the localhost. I know
you're probably saying, "How the heck am I supposed to run a database
from the localhost(members.evolt.org) if I don't have a shell account?"
And thats a good question :) My answer is phpMyAdmin which is a web
based interface for your personal MySQL datasource. You can find this
tool at http://leo.evolt.org/admin/phpMyAdmin/ it will prompt you for a
password and username, which are below. There are links to documentation
on how to use MySQL and the phpMyAdmin tool as well once you've logged

On the subject of datasources, for those of you using Cold Fusion,
you'll have to specify the username and password to the datasource in
your <cfquery> tags. I'd recommend doing this in your Application.cfm
though. Also, your Application.cfm must have a capitol 'A' or it won't
get parsed. You PHP folks will have to specify your username password
too, and the 'server name' field in your connect string should be

Last thing about datasources.. I've had a ton of people ask me why
they're getting errors when
they try to create a new database. For obvious security reasons, we
can't just allow people to create or drop databases on a whim. Therefore
you only have one database(which is named after your username) in which
you can create as many tables, indexes, etc that you please. If you'd
like another database to play with for educational purposes, let me know
and we can work something out.

If you choose to have a POP3 email account, your email address will be
yourusername at members.evolt.org members.evolt.org is the incoming POP3
server and your username and password below will work for that too.
You'll still have to use your ISP's outgoing SMTP server to *send* email
though. For those of you that didn't opt for POP3 accounts, you
currently have a .forward file in your directory so that
yourusername at members.evolt.org will forward to the email address you
gave below.

So, to sum up, the password and username below will pretty much serve
for everything with your members.evolt.org account. I've written up a 
FAQ type page on the members.evolt.org website containing some helpful
hints on PHP, CF, MySQL, etc. and answers to any other questions I 
get. You can find that at 


Also, thanks for the suggestions about what other services to offer
for you guys. Sounds like you want a JSP and ASP engine pretty bad! I'll
get on that as soon as things settle down here.

Please please contact me directly if you have any problems or questions.
This is something new for me(and evolt), and there are bound to be a
couple bumps in the road, but hopefully we get by those real quick.

Also, I've used my space to set up a weblog type application to inform
you all of things that are going on with your members.evolt.org
accounts. Bookmark this page and check it once in a while as anything
that may affect your account will be logged here..


I don't think there's anything else that I'm forgetting. Thanks for
becomming a part of evolt.org, and for giving this a whirl. Hopefully
you can get something out of it and have some fun along the way :)

djc at members.evolt.org

CDitty wrote:
> Can anyone send me information on how to access my M.E.O section?  I have
> misplaced the original email with the access information in it.

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