[thelist] PDF's & Fonts........

sales at iibiz.com sales at iibiz.com
Wed May 9 10:21:20 CDT 2001

What a guy, what a guy - thanks!

> What needs to be done, is that when the original document is converted to
> .ps file (postscript) the creator needs to specify to embed fonts that are
> related to the document.

I figured out how to do the above with the distiller this morning........

> Now if the machine you are using happens to have that particular font
> installed on the machine, you can embed the font without having to
> the PDF document.  Select the "Text" tool from the side bar...then go to
> "Tools -> Touch Up -> Text Attributes" menu.  From there select the text
> wish to changes and you will see in the dialog box whether or not that
> is embedded.  If it is not and you have the font installed on the machine,
> you can check the checkbox to embed that font into the PDF document.

but this sounds like a MUCH better option, especially on an already
completed piece!

One question though - do you know if when you use the "Text Tool" option,
does that embed the ENTIRE font set (which can be pretty large), or just the
ones needed for what you actually highlighted?



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