[thelist] SQL & ASP my favorite combination :-)

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at lists.evolt.org
Wed May 9 10:35:50 CDT 2001

ok, so I'm doing what I thought would be a simple update query.

I'm just supposed to be grabbing the content from the form and inserting it into
the db.

The error I get is "Operation must use an updateable query. "

this is the code:
(and the error line is the objCmd.Execute line)

set objCmd = server.CreateObject("adodb.command")
objCmd.ActiveConnection = objConn

Dim strName, strEmail, strType, strContent
strName = Request.form("name")
strEmail = Request.form("email")
strType = Request.form("type")
strContent = Request.form("content")

strsql = "INSERT INTO tellmemore
   ('" & strName & "', '" & strEmail & "', '" & strType & "', '" & strContent &

objCmd.CommandText = strsql
objCmd.Execute    'here the darn thing barfs

set objCmd = Nothing

the page can be found at:

where you can test the offending code

*the ever-trying one*

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