[thelist] ListServ Software

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Wed May 9 13:41:07 CDT 2001

Yeah! Go Rockliffe Go!  I've been using Rockliffe since version 1 and have
always been happy. Just lately  I got my hands on their latest version.

<tip author="nicole parrot">
You can configure Rockliffe to add the usual tagging on the mailing list
messages ( for example: [thelist] ) by using the Subject Tag called
Subject.exe as a List Agent .
Make sure you get the latest version, 1.3 though, as version 1.0 had a
potential bug that could bring your server on its knees.
Also make sure that you're using the 8.3 naming convention for your
directories, since the List Agent field does not handle long names properly.

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From: "McAtee, Malcolm" <MMcAtee at philamuseum.org>

> I have used rockcliffe mail server for about a 2 years now.
> I wrote a php guestbook to write to the lists.
> :
> : Can anyone suggest ListServ software for
> : Windows/IIS using Perl or ColdFusion ,
> : i.e. I want to start a list serv...

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