[thelist] Disabling the print screen button

Wed May 9 14:28:08 CDT 2001

we must make sure that this information
>cannot be downloaded in any way, shpae or form.  We have disabled every
>way to download the information that we can think of except for the print
>screen button, which comes standard on most keyboards

The very basic problem is that the info *has already been downloaded* if the
user can see it on their screen.  Otherwise, the browser could not display the
information.  There is no way around this.  None.  Yes, you can make it a pain
in the neck to print, but there will always be a way... unless maybe you could
have some security guards checking the people to make sure they don't have spy
cameras on their watches as they view this ultramegaclassified info...  or maybe
you should mail them videotapes that self-destruct after viewing...

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