please test [was: [thelist] width, height, innerWidth,innerHeight]

Erik Mattheis gozz at
Wed May 9 14:54:03 CDT 2001

OK, no quick responses ... maybe I'll try this:

Click on the "do it" link ... which will open a new window ... if 
there's not a red border flush with the inner edges of the window, 
click the "compensate me" link ... and see if it's flush with the 
edges afterwards.

If it's not flush with the border either before or after clicking 
compensate me (or if you get an error when you click compensate me) 
and you could send me your userAgent value ... I'd much appreciate it.

I'm particularly interested in people that can test it in IE 4.x 
testing it because this is where I think the window size has to be 
compensated ... an unspecified AOL Mac browser is the only thing I've 
found so far that does this ... the compansateMe() function worked 
for that.

- Erik Mattheis

"Everything's better"
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