[thelist] netmeeting or else?

Tom Webb twebb at dynamicinst.com
Wed May 9 15:31:25 CDT 2001

There is a free videoconference/chat product at www.eyeball.com.  They have 
their own video server and it is vastly superior in quality to Net 
Meeting.  Real time in face.  I have it and use it with the Intel camera 
and it works extremely well.  There is however a charge if you use the text 
part of the product.  The charge is minimal.
Tom Webb

At 11:13 AM 5/9/01 -0500, you wrote:
>hi,  I would like to know if anyone has suggestions on what to use for
>videoconference, I have tried netmeeting but the picture was not good. I
>have one of the Intel cameras ( I do not know if maybe that is the problem)
>. Any suggestions are appreciated.
>ps. everyone involved in the videoconference has a cable modem.
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