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Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Wed May 9 16:36:35 CDT 2001


The purpose of the <p> tags is to give organization to the content.
Separation of paragraphs (the English language uses paragraphs to group
sentences and thus convey meaning, btw) is part of what makes the web
useful.  Document structure--paragraph tags, h tags, etc--is obviously
important in the context of screen readers for the disabled, search engines,
etc, where the degree of value derived from the text is paramount on the
organization of the text, grammatically and structurally speaking.

You are correct in saying that DHTML is best supported by divs. However, the
supposition that we are talking about DHTML at all is not supported by the


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From: "Sean Preston" <razorwise at yahoo.com>
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> In my opinion, the <p> tag is just a bunch of white noise UNLESS you're
going to actually use it
> with style sheets or dhtml, but if you're gonna use dhtml, you'll be using
<div> tags more than
> likely anyone.
> Something else to think about.
> -Sean

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