[thelist] avoid hostpro

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Thu May 10 02:01:37 CDT 2001

>At 6:51 PM +1200 10/5/01, Andrew Forsberg wrote:
>>my personal site host just got bought up by HostPro...
>>thankfully their billing is so messed up that my 6 month overdue
>>payment didn't hamper my site performance at all...
>At 11:51 PM -0400 2/5/01, aardvark wrote:
>>still pilfering it up to that point...  sure, you can justify it by saying
>>it made you buy it, but you stole it to begin with (i guess it's your
>>own fault)...
>Now I would say that's far worse than using shareware / freeware. 
>... although I have heard that the shortening of credit terms was 
>indirectly responsible for the first world war.

I owe for that, sorry:

<tip type="Org Charts">
On a tight budget, or no budget? Star Office may be what you need: 
http://www.sun.com/ click 'Star Office' on the banner. It gives MS 
Office a run for its money. And it's available in Win / Solaris (and 
maybe linux?) binaries. There's an org chart that you can modify in 
the 'samples' directory.

Andrew Forsberg

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