[thelist] avoid hostpro

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu May 10 02:25:27 CDT 2001

> From: Andrew Forsberg <andrew at thepander.co.nz>
> >thankfully their billing is so messed up that my 6 month overdue
> >payment didn't hamper my site performance at all...
> At 11:51 PM -0400 2/5/01, aardvark wrote:
> >still pilfering it up to that point...  sure, you can justify it by
> >saying it made you buy it, but you stole it to begin with (i guess
> >it's your own fault)...
> hmmmmmm
> Now I would say that's far worse than using shareware / freeware. ...
> although I have heard that the shortening of credit terms was
> indirectly responsible for the first world war.

yeah, ferdinand was a pawn for the whole thing...

anyway, if they had bothered to bill me on time, i would have paid 
it... as it is, i paid it, but not because they sent me any notices, 
but because i was doing checks and realized it had been a while 
since i was billed for my hosting...  after some digging, i found a bill 
that was sent out a month late, and so got batched into the next 
group of bills since it didn't fit into that month's expected bills...

yes, i have a system, and yes it's odd...

<tip type="CSS">
The background CSS1 property is surprisingly powerful in NN4.x 
browsers. Believe it or not, background-repeat works quite well, but 
to prevent artifacts in the parts where the image doesn't tile, you'll 
need to declare a background color via the CSS as well, ideally a 
color that matches the page.  Sample CSS:

#foo	{	background-color : #ffffff ;
			background-image : url(foo.gif) ;
			background-repeat : no-repeat ;
			background-position : 0px 0px ; }

#bar	{	background-color : #ffffff ;
			background-image : url(bar.gif) ;
			background-repeat : repeat-y ;
			background-position : 0px 0px ; }

You should find that both of these work fine in NN4.x+ and IE4.x+.

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