[thelist] Dropping a view in SQL Server

Marios Andreas Tofarides matofarides at hotmail.com
Thu May 10 02:36:48 CDT 2001

> >    drop view foobar
> >
> > if it existed, it doesn't now
> >
> > if it didn't, it still doesn't   ;o)
>i guess my assumption was that a view would not get created, dropped,
>recreated, etc. in a production scenario -- the requirement to drop it
>occurred in development mode, while getting the view ready
>i still believe that a "sorry, the view you are trying to drop does not
>exist" error can simply be ignored during the process of getting a database
>ready for production, unless, as elmer would say, "there's something
>awfuwwy scwewy going on awound hewe" with ASP
Although the problem was solved without using a view, when I tried to ignore 
the error using VBScript's "On Error Resume Next" and "Err.Clear" methods, 
the program went on an endless loop. I mean that the errort was ignored, but 
there were no results, the browser was busy for more that 5 minutes 
(practically it hung), and I guess there is a problem with that. I don't 
know if it's ASP though, or the SQL Server, because it's the first time i'm 
working on it. Any suggestions?


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