[thelist] Internet Explorer 5.5 and Win ME

Julia Frizzell Julia_Frizzell at brown.edu
Thu May 10 07:26:10 CDT 2001

At 10:05 AM +0200 5/10/01, admataz wrote:
><?>Is there anyway to setup internet exploer 5.0 on win me, instead of the
>that it comes with or, to un-install the ie 5.5 rather, since i should
>think u would be able to install 5.0 after that.</?>
>I have heard of this product called 98lite, which according to the product
>website (http://www.98lite.net/products.html) "gives you the power to
>configure your system your way for maximum performance and stability" . you
>may want to search these lists  - I recall some discussion a couple of
>months ago where some people were having problems with it. I've never used
>it myself.
>I'm am curious though. Why? If it's for testing, then I think you'll find it
>hard to find users who will have WinME with IE5.5 (if that is indeed the
>default browser with the installer) so it's a bit pointless - rather go for
>a Win98 environment.

<tip type="Multiple Browsers on Windows Systems">

Virtual PC is not just for Macs anymore! Connectix has a preview 
(time-limited) of their Virtual PC for Windows product available at 
http://preview.connectix.com. They're expecting a ship date of 
mid-June 2001. Now you can have more than one IE browser on your 
machine for testing purposes!


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