[thelist] "Local" Hosting - why?

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Thu May 10 10:01:26 CDT 2001

> Idle curiosity here.  There have been posts (recent and not-so-recent)
> asking for a good UK host ... or a good host in Canada ... or California
> or whatever.
> Any particular reason for that?

If I do a government job, I am *restricted* to local hosts.
If I do a site that caters to local people only, then I try to go with a
local host, but will not limit myself to it. My preference goes to a local
host because I am under the (possibly deluded) impression that response time
would be better if I don't have to go all around the globe.
if I do a site in French, I will try to find a host that is set up with a
French OS.

> (Sitting in Texas ... with his personal site hosted in Australia where the
> "non-US-centric" local date/time formatting occasionally causes him some
> dismay but elsewise life is pretty good.)
Ok, I need a good host in Australia. Running IIS, and of course ASP. With
possibility of Access databases. Would yours fit? :)

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