[thelist] Weather Channel

Leichty, Carma CLeichty at jonesknowledge.com
Thu May 10 10:41:21 CDT 2001

Thanks for the info, Joshua. Just to clarify -- we're looking to show only
the most basic information - local temperature and current weather - similar
to the weather channel 'magnet' on weather.com. Our preference is to show
this limited weather information without having to jump to weather.com, but
have the link available if the user wants more details.

A couple of questions need to be answered before an answer can be found.
Namely, how much information do you want?  Just the local temperature,
weather plus atmospheric conditions, Doppler maps, 5 day forecast, road
conditions, sever weather warnings, flu warnings??  The complexity of the
system will be dictated by what the employer wants to deliver.

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