[thelist] Dropping a view in SQL Server

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Thu May 10 11:56:22 CDT 2001

> the error using VBScript's "On Error Resume Next" and 
> "Err.Clear" methods, 
> the program went on an endless loop. I mean that the errort 
> was ignored, but 
> there were no results, the browser was busy for more that 5 minutes 

You have a bug in your loop that is causing it to loop endlessly. It has
nothing to do with the "On Error Resume Next" construct --in fact, the
reason why you didn't see this bug before is because the error caused the
loop to stop.

Oh, the way to turn off error suppression in ASP is "On Error Goto 0"
(that's a zero)

good luck

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