[thelist] "Local" Hosting - why?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Thu May 10 12:07:37 CDT 2001

Hi Nicole,

Good point about the government jobs - my bad, I forgot about the many
restrictions those entail!

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From: Nicole Parrot [mailto:nicole at parrot.ca]
> (Sitting in Texas ... with his personal site hosted in Australia where the
> "non-US-centric" local date/time formatting occasionally causes him some
> dismay but elsewise life is pretty good.)
Ok, I need a good host in Australia. Running IIS, and of course ASP. With
possibility of Access databases. Would yours fit? :)

Sure - I'm hosted with http://webtrader.net.au

IIS, ASP, Access, CF, MSSQL7, ... hmmm ... looks like they have added PHP
and Java support.  There may be some 'one time setup fees' for some of these

There was a little bit of downtime during the Olympics (Gee - what a
surprise!) ... but I've been pretty happy overall... and (I think) the price
is pretty good.


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