[thelist] "Local" Hosting - why?

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> [snippage]
> 2.  While it's true that the com/net/org are total free-for-all TLD
>     spaces, the same is not necessarily true for country TLD's.  As a
>     result, if I wanted to build a site in the .co.uk space I would almost
>     certainly want to go through a British hosting provider, since
>     they'd be able to interface much more efficiently with the registrar
>     for .co.uk when compared to providers in other countries.

But every third party .uk reseller has to go through Nominet, so
realistically the only barrier is different currencies (which most banks
don't have a problem with), and time differences (but Nominet members
register through an automated system so again, not much of a problem for the
domain registrar).

> 3.  Domestic bandwidth usually has less lag than international bandwidth.

Not always true ... some UK ISPs have better peering arrangements to the
States and Europe than to the rest of the UK :)

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