[thelist] Internet Explorer 5.5 and Win ME

George Dillon evolt at georgedillon.com
Thu May 10 13:56:17 CDT 2001

> Is there anyway to setup internet exploer 5.0 on win me, instead of 5.5
>> Jasen, I have heard of this product called 98lite,
>> some people were having problems with it.

The problems were caused precisely by trying to use IEradicator (from
98lite) to revert to a previous version.  I.E. is so integral to the OS that
it cannot be 100% removed (even by IErad/98lite), and the leftovers cause
conflicts if you then install an earlier version.  So Jasen, DO NOT TRY to
use IEradicator (or 98lite) to uninstall I.E.5.5 and then install I.E.5.  If
you read the docs carefully, what it IS good for is eliminating all but the
essential parts of an older I.E. before an UPGRADE.  I.E. downgrade?  No.
AFAIK It simply can't be done (and believe me I've tried!)


George Dillon

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